Tissue Genesis Introduces State-of-the-Art Icellator® X

The enhanced enzyme-derived stem cell isolation system offers a greater overall impact and efficiency in the field of regenerative medicine

Houston (December 11, 2018) – Tissue Genesis LLC announced today the release of the Icellator® X, the newest and most advanced system for isolating stem cells in adipose tissue.

The Icellator® X expands on the capabilities of the original Icellator®, representing a major advancement in the real-world application of stem therapies for patients.

The new-to-market Icellator® X offers greater stem cell yields, improved ease of use, and a user interface available in multiple languages. It is immediately the most efficient system available on the market. The 2019 Icellator® X lets medical professionals and scientists rapidly recover millions of a patient’s own adult stem cells for therapeutic treatments and research applications.

The Icellator® X is on exhibit at the 16th-annual iFats (International Federation for Adipose Therapeutics and Science) Conference at the Cosmopolitan Las Vegas from Dec. 13-15. (Booth #302) For more information, visit https://www.ifats.org.

Capabilities of the Icellator® X include:

  • Input Lipoaspirate Volume up to 100 mL
  • Consistent isolation of high stromal vascular fraction (SVF) cell yields
  • Typical 50 million SVF cell recovery per 100 mL of adipose tissue
  • Cell suspension safe for IV delivery
  • Approximate 1 hour run time
  • Touchscreen user interface available in multiple languages
  • Sterile, single-use disposable cartridge treatment kit
  • IEC 60601 compliant

“The Icellator® X continues the tradition of Tissue Genesis Icellators being the most efficient point of care system available,” said Tissue Genesis Chief Executive Officer and Chief Medical Officer Dr. Marc Penn, M.D., Ph.D., FACC. “With this new machine, we are able to efficiently obtain far greater stem cell yields, which represents a major step forward for researchers, clinicians, and patients.”

“We are excited to collaborate with Tissue Genesis to represent the Icellator X in Japan,” said Human Life CORD President Masamitsu Harata. “The literature demonstrates that enzyme derived SVF is the most potent preparation for adipose derived stem cells.  We believe the efficiency of Icellator X makes it the premier system in Asia.”

The Tissue Genesis Icellator® X is designed for maximum simplicity in use by clinical staff: an efficient, enclosed, and automated process. Using a proprietary and sterile single-use Cartridge Kit, the Icellator® X isolates a consistent yield of stromal vascular fraction (SVF) from a small sample of adipose tissue in about one hour, using a patented purification process.

“The Icellator X is a significant upgrade to our original Icellator system, incorporating feedback from users who can now process more fat. The new Icellator optimizes cell yields using the latest hardware and software technologies,” said Tissue Genesis Director of Product Management Dr. Rolf Wolters, Ph.D.

The original Icellator® is already used across the globe to enhance the outcomes of patients seeking to treat chronic conditions or to improve their wellness and healthy living. The new Icellator®® X moves Tissue Genesis forward as the leader in the production of stromal vascular fraction (SVF) from a patient’s own adipose fat-derived stem cells.


Tissue Genesis, LLC, (TG) offers best-in-class, clinical grade cell therapy solutions. Its state-of-the-art Icellator® X is a high-performance, point-of-care device that efficiently extracts adult stem cells from a small sample of autologous adipose tissue in a fully enclosed and automated process. Manufactured under cGMP to the highest ISO 13485 and FDA standards, the Icellator® requires no human intervention and provides yields of stromal vascular fraction that is sufficiently pure to allow for intravenous infusion in an hour or less. Founded in 2001, TG is part of the Okyanos Global Health, Inc. portfolio of companies dedicated to accelerating life sciences through novel therapeutics and commercial innovations. Tissue Genesis’ original Icellator® is approved for use by medical regulatory authorities in South Korea, the Ukraine and the Bahamas, with ongoing FDA-cleared trials for multiple indications of chronic disease.