More Fat and Cell Yield.

The new Icellator® X moves Tissue Genesis forward as the leader in the production of stromal vascular fraction (SVF) from a patient’s own adipose (fat)-derived stem cells. The 2019 Icellator® X lets medical professionals and scientists rapidly recover millions of a patient’s own adult stem cells for therapeutic treatments and research applications.

Cartridge Kit

Adipase® Enzyme Blend

The Cartridge Kit is compatible with both our new Icellator® X and original Icellator®. Our proprietary kit offers a sterile, single-use disposable cartridge using adipose tissue for high-efficiency enzyme-derived, SVF isolation. The entire system minimizes cell variability, and maximizes yield and cell viability.

In Development

Next Gen Product Line

The Tissue Genesis product pipeline has multiple offerings at various stages of development to better serve the growing need for high performance, functionally closed and completely sterile cell processing.


Cell Isolation System

The original Icellator® system set the standard, providing SVF cell yields in 65 minutes. Currently approved for use in South Korea, Bahamas, Ukraine and available in Japan. In the USA, clinical FDA-approved IDE studies using the Icellator® are underway for a variety of indications.