Icellator® X

Coming in late 2018, Icellator® X is the next generation cell processing technology to deliver high quality, enzyme-derived SVF.  Icellator® X offers a better user interface along with updated software and hardware. Icellator® X allows for 100 cc of fat (vs. 60 cc for the Icellator®) leading to improved efficiency and performance.

Animal Origin Free Adipase®


Tissue Genesis is committed to the highest levels of safety and quality with all its products. To minimize contamination and prevent animal-derived pathogens during the cell isolation process, TG is developing a clinically superior grade of Adipase®, the enzyme used to digest adipose tissue and free the SVF from the surrounding cellular matrix.



Nimbus is a new point of care technology designed to address the limitations of large/fixed instrumentation by offering a low-cost, highly-portable, outpatient cell recovery system. Nimbus is a fully-automated adipose-derived stem cell (ADSC) isolation device that prioritizes total mesenchymal stem cell yield, viability, removal of process residuals, and final cell concentrate delivery using novel fluidics and filter processes.